Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy

For the love of the child... Without this; there is nothing.
Every adult at Riverhead Montessori must have this love above all else

Our Vision
For the love of the child... Without this; there is nothing.
Every adult at Riverhead Montessori must have this above all else
Our Mission
We promise to provide a nurturing and loving environment where a child feels safe, valued and has a secure sense of belonging. Only then can we begin our role of facilitator and guide
Our Philosophy
'To ignite the flame within'
Riverhead Montessori learning centre proudly offers a progressive quality montessori philosophy interwoven with the strands of the New Zealand Curriculumte Whāriki. To value our

- To foster within the child an intrinsic sense
of self worth, independence and “I can do it” attitude.

- That it is “Ok” to experiment and make
mistakes, from this magic opportunities of growth arise.

- To give the child the respect and space to
“work things out for themselves” without adult interference.

- To guide when appropriate.

- To recognise that a child has more capabilities than we can even imagine.

- To trust that the child will show you the
way forward.

- Only through true observation without bias does the next step become clear.

- To value the child as a holistic contributing member of society who is so much more than a “result on a score card”.

- To foster the following three self beliefs in each and every child at Riverhead Montessori… Our aim is to help prepare the child for an amazing and fulfilling life journey.

- We believe in a balanced and holistic learning approach that caters to the individual learning styles and needs of the child.

- Maintain and promote positive relationships with children that respect their individuality, culture and place in their community.

- That the child’s learning is a collaboration between the child, their whanua, and wider community. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

- That all aspects of the child’s character, skills and potential have been optimized to the best of our abilities.

- To foster in the child a love of learning, independence, motivation, persistence, problem solving and confidence in their own abilities.

- To provide an enriched and fun learning environment that follows the child’s individual developmental needs.

- To provide opportunities of freedom of choice within a prepared environment. “Freedom within safe boundaries.”

- This helps the child to develop an intrinsic sense of self to fulfil their own needs and aspirations. To utilise all current educational models… teach with passion, intellect, innovation, flexibility and effective practice.

- That our educators continue to develop competent practices in facilitating children’s engagement in learning.

- Demonstrate effective positive guidance.

- To provide the best possible opportunities for the child so they are well prepared in all areas for their next life adventures.