Tui Nest 18 months - 3 years

For many children this is the first major transition in their lives, from the safe haven of home to the big wide world without their parents at their side. This experience needs to be carefully managed, a gentle introduction to an exciting world that promises and provides opportunities for friendships, belonging and learning. This is why we offer half-day sessions for all our Tui’s Nest children, although full days are available for our working families.

Tui Nest kaiako have an absolute love and passion for this age group. Their first and most important task is to build a very special bond with you and your child. They take this responsibility very seriously they know that at the beginning a child may feel a little wobbly and need to know they are cared for, nurtured and safe. There will always be an abundance of cuddles, soothing words, understanding and patience as your child adjusts to their home away from home.

All children are different whether they run from your arms without a glance back- making you feel as if you are completely redundant or a kaiako who has to prise your distressed child from your arms -making you wonder if this is the right decision. It is heart wrenching. We are here to support you. Please talk to us, we have helped parents through this really challenging time and we have seen every situation. We are here to talk and make a plan  it will be gentle and kind - a team effort.
We always put a child first and we WILL call if we think a shorter day is required at the beginning. We have never had a child not settle and become joyful and excited to come to school.
There are times though just like all of us that staying home every now and then seems a far better option than going to school or work. Again chat to us often it's due to a change 'of routine, we will make a plan.

Tui Nest curriculum
Help me to help myself '

Once a child has settled and feels confident they become little explorers- absorbing everything the environment has to offer.
Our Tui Nest Montessori curriculum has been carefully developed for this age group.
Every material chosen and placed in the classroom has a particular function and rationale. All to develop independence and a sense of 'I can do it by myself'
There will be a range of care for the self activities, practical life - sweeping, washing dishes, caring for their environment. Fine motor control materials to help develop muscle memory in preparation for writing. Lots of language both orally and visually, beginning of math concepts, science and biology all designed for this age group.
The outdoors is equally important, we have half an acre of grounds to explore, sandpit, swings, climbing frames, bikes a playhouse. Muds lots of it we go outside in all weather - we dress for the occassion,
Music, dance and art and lots of sensory experiences - play dough, water play, slime, paint, clay, messy play.

All our children bring their own lunch box- this allows parents to have autonomy over choose. You will be given guidelines. Our health and safety is paramount and follow all Ministry of Health recommendations in regards to  eliminating choking hazards and maintaining food safety.
The children enjoy rolling morning tea, where they share a platter of fruit or crackers. There is water available at all times and all kaiako are there to make sure your children are eating and drinking enough, especially when little ones can become so busy they forget to eat.

Toileting and Nappies
We follow you and your child's lead when they are ready to transition we will work with you to develop a plan. This can be a sensitive and tricky time for some and we are very respectful and follow the child's own pace.
Nappy's - each child is changed when and as required-this is recorded for you. Respect and care is always undertaken. We know this can be intimidating at the beginning for a child when they are getting to know us.