We believe that our first and most important task is to build a close bond, where the child trusts that they are safe, cared for and made to feel they are truly valued.

For the love for the child…
without this love and respect for a child we are nothing! At Riverhead Montessori every person we employ must have this intrinistic love for the child. We do not compromise on this quality and each person who joins our team undergoes a vigorous vetting process. They are interviewed by management, our team but most importantly our children..they are the best judges of character.
It is our aim…
That each child leaves Riverhead Montessori Learning Centre well prepared for life in all areas; emotionally, academically and physically in whatever way they choose.

We strive to ensure each child is able to:

- Make choices from a secure foundation
- Have a strong sense of worth
- A love of learning
- Are independent and creative
- Problem solve and think with reason
- Be a giving, loving individual that will make a positive difference to our world

At Riverhead Montessori we will hug your child if they need it. They will be listened to, mentored and their interests will be truly followed. They will be guided to become the very best they can be. Just as important as education and play, nurturing our children is the first step to building a foundation for a life of learning and opportunity.
The transition from home to preschool…
For many tamariki this is the first major transition in their lives, from the safe haven of home to the big wide world without their parents at their side. This experience needs to be carefully managed, a gentle introduction to an exciting world that promises and provides opportunities for friendships, belonging and learning. This is why we offer half-day sessions for all our Tui Nest tamariki, although full days are available for our working whanau.
…and the transition to primary school
We work hard with our local schools in their transition to school programmes and visit each other regularly to keep current with what our graduating tamariki need and how our ex-pupils are progressing after they leave us. This information is invaluable to keep our transition to school programme relevant in the changing face of NZ primary school education. We also work closely with the teachers at Huapai Montessori Unit and align both curriculums so transition is as smooth as possible. Our parents also ring us or pop in regularly to let us know how their children are doing. We receive WONDERFUL feedback from our local schools’ Principals and Head Syndicate Teachers that our Riverhead Montessori children are known for their high academic achievements, good social skills and lovely manners.